Ullman’s Commitment to Human Connectedness

Lloyd Gilden - Lifwynn Foundation
Lloyd Gilden, PhD, did brain research and taught psychology at Queens College of CUNY in New York City for thirty years before retiring from teaching. For the last ten years he has been president of the Lifwynn Foundation while continuing his clinical practice. He may be contacted at kllg729@aol.com.

My acquaintance with Monte developed through our participation in the activities of the Lifwynn Foundation, beginning in the 1990s. The Foundation was predicated on the assumption that beneath interpersonal conflict lays an innate disposition to social harmony. Monte enthusiastically subscribed to this perspective writing that “in each of us, there is an incorruptible core of being that is sensitive to the way we hurt ourselves or others, and concerned with undoing the fragmentation that has resulted.” Furthermore, “our dreams are constant reminders of the infinity of ways we have managed to get derailed and, at the same time, they provide us with the opportunity to get back on track.”

With sheer social genius Monte created a group dream work process that carries group members in the direction of awareness of their solidarity and connectedness. He created a safe atmosphere with a non-intrusive process that leads to the lowering of social defenses and promotes a deep level of sharing and communion.

Monte radiated wisdom, calmness, and centeredness in his being that encouraged group members to explore deeply within themselves and discover their capacity for similar feelings. It was an honor and a privilege to be his friend and colleague, participate in his dream groups, and benefit from his benign presence.

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