Two Humanitarians Seeking Peace:
Arno Gruen and Monte Ullman
In the late 1950’s Arno Gruen, a Swiss-American psychoanalyst, sent Monte Ullman an article he wrote on the interaction between organic states and functions. In the early 60’s Arno joined Monte in a stroke study at Cornell Medical where Arno’s paper was published in the archives of neurology. In addition, they co-authored an article entitled, “Behavioral Changes In Patients With Strokes”  published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Their professional encounter developed into a friendship that would last a lifetime. Ironically Arno, residing in Zurich, was at Monte’s side in Westchester, New York when Monte suffered a fatal stroke in 2008.

In 2010 Arno was awarded the Finnish Loviisa Peace Prize. His lifelong research in the origins of violence challenges Freud’s presumption that humans are naturally violent. According to Gruen, the basic problem is parenting that favors punishments and rewards which teaches children to please authorities but doesn’t lead to personal moral development. This leads to coldness, violence, and a society where individuals’ self-esteem is based primarily on success, status, and material gain.

Arno Gruen says, “It is empathy and cooperation—not profit, selfishness, and the drive for ever more bigness—that will lead us toward a more humane civilization than our present one.”

In Monte Ullman’s words, "I believe our dreaming consciousness goes beyond a concern for the individual and arises out of a more basic concern, namely, the survival of the species.”

It is fitting that Arno Gruen’s acceptance speech, “War or Peace? We cannot survive with Real-Politik” be posted in remembrance of Arno’s and Monte’s enduring friendship, their contributions to humanity and mutual concern for humankind.

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