"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - Proust


A secondary theme was born and that was about Mother Earth. 

A flood of urine dreams poured forth. Urine was spilling all over the place particularly on mother’s floors. A commode was overflowing with urine; industrial plastic was covering a mess of clothing. Urine was a symbol for uranium; ultimately radioactive and toxic waste. This all pointed to industrial cover-ups of the dangers of radioactive waste leaking into the environment and into our basic necessities. An alphabet stew of toxic chemicals: PAHs – PCBs – PVCs[i] invaded my dreams and took quite some time to register.

The theme was expanding. Mother Earth was joined by the environment and ecology. At that time, in 1994, the environment wasn’t even a social issue for most people, and certainly not for me.

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Constant repetition and connection became hallmarks of my cosmic dream experience and revealed four key features:
• 1) Emotional Context
• 2) Paranormal Effects
• 3) Panpsychism
• 4) Wordplay

Emotional Context:

The personal dream generally cultivates subjective emotional knowledge where those intuitive AHA! moments elicit deep insights into our own lives and relationships. Because the cosmic dream is timeless, the emotional output of daytime residue is of little consequence. I have found that the cosmic dream is more concerned with the acquisition of universal objective knowledge where concern for self is diminished by oceanic feelings of being spiritually and cosmically connected. My mother, for example, symbolized Mother Earth, my brother represented the Brotherhood of Man and children signified the Children of the Earth.

The scientific dreams were more informational. They evidenced physicality, often describing objects as “concrete,” stressing matter over emotion. In a cosmic dream, negativity in personal relationships was replaced by higher thought extending beyond an individual’s actions and deeds. In other words, an architect who had caused me great emotional pain and financial damages in waking life appeared in a dream presenting me with a frame containing the word LOGOS. (In theology, logos means the word of God; in philosophical terms, cosmic reason.) The ruthless architect I once knew had metamorphosed to the merciful, compassionate and omniscient architect. Emotional undercurrents were replaced by the dream’s intention to stay focused solely on its message: that of transcendence and transformation.

Paranormal Effects:

Paranormal phenomena were woven through this entire experience. Spirit telepathy which I define as mind to spirit communication was a major factor in both personal and transpersonal dreams. In one personal dream, I am lost in the streets, searching for my family and pleading, “Where are you?” Suddenly, someone spit on me from atop a high-rise building. I looked up. It was my deceased brother. I awakened to realize I was given the answer: Our loved ones are only “spitting distance” away.

Spiritual dreams often included images of gift-wrapped packages. Earthly markers such as a favorite color, a material or a movie title were associated with loved ones who had passed on. Spirits appeared in human form, often little children but, oddly enough, not archetypal angels. They typically symbolized persons who had passed over but on occasion manifested as altruistic people I would later meet in waking life.

Clairvoyant, retrocognitive and precognitive dreams all connected with past, present and future activities in the Earth. The depth, detail and frequency of paranormal dreams grew exponentially as my capacity to see across time expanded. The more I did see, the more I could see. Then one day I reached the bottom of the rabbit hole when a dream flashed before me containing all the answers to my puzzle in an instant. A figure 8 on its side revealed the infinity symbol. It was like watching the evolution of the universe from the beginning of time to the future.

An astonishing variety of psychokinetic effects interconnected in both Dreaming and Waking, all feeding into the multi-faceted message. The primary manifestation of PK took form electronically. Often uncertain as to which direction to take in my research, words and symbols inexplicably appeared on my computer interspersed within my writings, underscoring key points. Varied colors, altered type size and bold-facing were some of the unexpected manifestations. One day at my computer, for example, I typed, “True vision is always twofold.” A second later, the typeface overprinted making each letter appear doubled. Most startling of the computer anomalies were Greek letters that supplanted significant pieces of text in my writing. On one occasion, I was writing about a dream, where I was under the wing of someone named Sally who was wearing a cape of bird feet and feathers. Suddenly the word feathers mysteriously appeared on my computer in Greek lettering. Sally turned out to be Sally Rhine Feather, director of the Rhine Research Center for paranormal studies. I learned of her and actually met her, exactly ten years after the dream.

These mystifying implants revealed a systematic logic in relation to the overarching message triggering in me a feeling that I was being advanced toward something I could not yet know. Such powerfully mysterious happenings stirred my curiosity and strengthened my resolve to solve this monolithic puzzle.


Dreams that relate to a world mind in which everything has consciousness were typically connected to Mother Earth. In one empathic dream, I was a meteorite spreading out all over the place and crashing into the earth. I had become original matter from which the world was created. I wondered if my psyche and the meteorite were all part of the same thing. Where was it all coming from?

Spirits of friends and relatives began to inhabit my dreams more and more frequently, often providing scientific knowledge and information I would have no way of knowing. Later, historical figures appeared. This included people like the noted geophysicist, J. Tuzo Wilson who discovered the transform fault and hotspots which are volcanic regions deep in the Earth. My dreams spoke to his theories before I ever heard of him.


In my cosmic dreams, every variety of riddle with its hidden meanings cued some message. Word and picture puzzles appeared frequently. I would often draw a dream image upside down, but when I saw it in the real world, it was right side up. When we open our eyes to light, the images on our retinas are upside down. How strange that my dreaming eyes were receiving images in the exactly same way. I had the feeling I was dreaming through the eyes of the spirits and I began to wonder about a mirror universe. "As above, so below" as written in Zohar, the "Bible" of the Kabbalists had now penetrated my field of vision. Zohar, meaning light and splendor is derived from Genesis "Let there be light." It seemed that all of this was pointing back to the circular key ring and that the keys were beginning to open those apartment doors.

The strongest evidence that these cosmic dreams were real was in their subsequent manifestation. Dream cues were so vivid, they inspired several trips I later took to strangely remote places, like little towns and villages where I actually saw the images I had dreamt. The arrangements of these physical fragments were concentrated within circumscribed regions. They were manifested as a continuous trail of waking experience that corresponded to areas in the dreams. The interconnectedness of dream images found in one town seemed tuned into the previous interconnectedness of images observed in another town behaving in much the way that Rupert Sheldrake[ii] describes his morphogenetic fields.

The geology in the dreams, often pointing to seismology, linked to actual locations where such geology in fact, exists as validated through my research.

Paranormal features enlarged on and confirmed many dreams as did post-dream research into historical and scientific writings which actually validated many of my conclusions.

I had little interest in science until I could relate to it on an intimate level. This is where my personal growth and evolution flourished. I found that the broadening of concern for others and the transformative potential is enormous in this dimension proving that dreaming once related to self, can expand to the greater whole. The holographic nature of cosmic dreaming has convinced me that its potential resides within all of us. This larger worldview taps into infinite knowledge embodied in the cosmic realm which becomes accessible to the receptive dreamer.

In personal dreams, we work with the emotional fragments of our lives in an effort to make ourselves whole as individuals. In assembling the interlocking pieces of my earthly dream puzzle, it occurred to me that the energy of fragmentation and disconnectedness in our emotional lives is mirrored in our earth and played out in her behaviors: earthquakes, volcanoes, floods – all the upheavals in the earth we are experiencing today. In connecting these dream fragments, quantum physicist, David Bohm’s concept of wholeness was actualized. In Bohm's view, all the objects in the visible or explicate world around us are only relatively independent and are temporary "sub totalities" derived from a deeper, implicate order of unbroken wholeness. Montague Ullman takes it a step further defining the dream as a relay-station receiving input from both orders. Metaphorical imagery only appears to be fragmentary. The source of the information behind it is a continuous whole.

Fragmentation appears to be the way in which spiritual communication processes and transfers information. In connecting these dream fragments, we are connecting to the universal unconscious where we can simultaneously perceive both our smallness and our “wholeness” on the planet. Perhaps the fragmentation in our dreams is to make us aware of the fragmentation of our lives and that it is only by connection that we will eventually see the big picture.

The dream, one language spoken universally, is expressed in different metaphors based on the cultural norms embedded in the dreamer’s associative network. The vast range of issues in personal dreams may necessitate this mix of metaphorical images, but the cosmic dream with its global issues of shared experience: war, famine, natural disasters, global warming and the like may narrow the field, open the gateway to universal connectedness and actually help bridge the gap in dream content between cultures. We all share the need to survive.

This experience suggests that the transpersonal or cosmic dream takes place on two levels: the material (personal) and the spiritual (transpersonal). The dreamer graduates to a larger vision and analogous to his personal existence, begins to work out the issues of the planet: its environment, its diseases, its morals, its cultures, its history. On the spiritual plane, the content seems to come from a higher source. In this ultimate blend of material and spiritual, precognitive knowledge of future events combines with retrocognitive knowledge of past events to form a complete circle, a sphere that encircles all. When the beginning and the end of that circle meet, the cosmic dreamer discovers the continuance of events – history repeating – and in essence becoming what appears to be precognitive, but in actuality is simply the connectivity of the revolving universe replicating itself. [iii]

According to Jung,  A Big Dream is one that has significance for the destiny of entire communities" [iv] “He felt a relative degree of certainty is reached only in the interpretation of a series of dreams.”[v] I find that a Cosmic Dream Theme is a collection of “big dreams” leading to a Higher Truth. This experience illustrates that Spirit and Science were the cosmic emissaries of a finely-tuned and passionate message that opened my eyes and lit up my dreams for a decade, pleading with us to Save Mother Earth.

I would eventually come to think that the circular key ring that fit all the apartments was an illustration of the human eye, at the back of which the optic nerve forms and carries visual input to the brain. What of the apartments? I believe they represent the intuitive dwelling place within all of us. Finally, what was I not seeing? I was not seeing the light and what Goethe called nature’s “open secret.”[vi]

Conventional theory says the optic nerve is involved in the inward movement of light, but I posit that it is also the conductor of light, which physiologically activates the sixth sense (ESP), projecting outward, flashing forward and backward, extending beyond our brains – and – reaching literally out into the cosmos. My dreams suggest the optic nerve is the master key to intuitive vision – an inner flashlight which illuminates the cosmos and our connection to it. As our planet’s survival is increasingly threatened, cosmic dreaming may be an indication that we are developing psi capacities that respond to those threats. Also a great educator, it expands the limits of our knowledge – or – what we think we know. In monitoring our ecosystem, this type of dreaming reaches a broader domain where we not only receive the problems, but can find the solutions if those in power will only listen.

In summary, I believe the Cosmic Dream is the carrier of a universal message that enfolds both faith and science in one seamless reality where we can believe and observe simultaneously. If you peek through your cosmic dream lens, you may witness the marriage of spirit and science, a timeless union awaiting our deeper understanding.

In the words of Buddha: You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself.

[i] PAH; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon - chemical compound
PCB: polycholorinated Biphenyl - poisonous compounds found in industrial waste.
PVC: polyvinyl chloride - plastic material

[ii] Morphogenetic Fields and Beyond by Robert Gilman, including an interview with Rupert Sheldrake.

[iii] Based on David Bohm’s theory of enfoldment in the Implicate Order.

[iv] http://www.gosurreal.com/dreams.htm

[v] The Practical Use of Dream Analysis" (1934). In CW 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy. pg. 322

[vi] Catching The Light, Arthur Zajonc, 1933 .

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