"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - Proust

Circling The Cosmos on a Dream

by Judy B. Gardiner ©2007

Proust was right, for vision was where my journey began when my dreams told me I wasn’t able to see. Lacking vision was a mystifying theme until a dream informed me of a circular key ring that fit all the apartments but no one knew it.

That puzzling message led to a constellation of dreams so detailed in its formation, it defied description. I was just an ordinary person living an everyday life, but unbeknownst to me, I had crossed the threshold of the personal dream and had entered the realm of cosmic dreaming, where science and spirit would become inseparable.

But what is a Cosmic Dream?

I suggest it is an outgrowth of a personal dream, one which introduces a new dimension of dreaming. A cosmic dream points outside of our internal emotional issues to external impersonal events facing humankind as a whole, reaching beyond the mundane. After years of research, I have observed that cosmic dreams deal with science and knowledge as well as spirit.

With no background in or exposure to science and only two years of college, somehow an avalanche of scientific matter poured into my dreams delivering a message that took ten years to sort out. This paper provides a truncated version of that message and attempts to describe how I’ve arrived at the existence of cosmic dreaming.

Since we all dream 25% of the time we are asleep, this experience may awaken your awareness of cosmic dreaming. There may even be some cosmic nuggets in your dreams waiting to be mined.

The breakthrough dream occurred in 1994 when my life had taken a dramatically sharp downturn:

I go to visit friends on the other side. One friend is working on a breakthrough for humankind. I see an image of an optic nerve. Unfamiliar with the appearance of a cranial nerve, I drew an eyeball with a little squiggle coming from it. That was joined by the mysterious message of the circular key ring that fit all the apartments.

This was the first of many dreams that spoke of the other side, escorting me to the world of Spirit. The optic nerve image was followed by a string of images relating to the brain and that resulted in a study of visual, emotional and cortical connections defining a neurophysiologic pathway. The theme of light and vision had emerged. I thought this signaled a conclusion, but the dream would prove to have its own agenda and finish in its own time.

Before long, a swarm of minerals and metals permeated my dreams. At this point, I was certain the chaos was subsiding, but I was outsmarted again, for dreams of doubled- stranded necklaces linked to genetics and the double stranded helix of DNA. Dreams of spinning disks whirled toward astronomy. Clusters of chemical symbols interwoven with dreams of strings and loops directed attention to physics. Still more science seeped in: botany, petrology, paleoanthropology with hints of reincarnation nestled in the cracks.

Confronted with questions of science, the structure of the earth, the makeup of the universe and the nature of knowledge, the invincible twosome of Vision and Light shone their headlights on cosmology, the science with which I had become so deeply entangled. It finally dawned on me that that my dreams were advising me to take a crash course in the sciences when a dream of branches growing out of my head told me they were the diverse branches of science.

In one dream, a USGS official hurled a slab of rock that hit me on the head. What was USGS? To my amazement, it was the United States Geological Survey. Another dream pointed to the bottom of a branch in a hollowed out book. The bottom of a branch was geology, the science that studies the lower reaches of the earth and that hollowed out book was the book I didn’t even realize I was writing.

Some dream messages seemed to deliberately challenge the imagination. One said, “Technical advice is important to operations on the other side.” In one unfathomable dream, someone asks if I am an alchemist. I say, "We do more than one thing here. I am in real estate and I am also an alchemist.” Real estate pointed again to geologic properties. Alchemy signified the transmutation of those properties, an aspect that would later be of great significance. The messages persisted when another dream said, “Be patient. You will learn everything you need to know.”

Ten years of learning, separating sciences, decoding messages, and trying to be patient, produced dreams of my mother and her floors in the most ridiculous scenarios. This led to the discovery that mother represented Mother Earth, her floor, the earth’s crust. Household objects like plates and dishes symbolized tectonic plates; bowls, volcanic craters.

A secondary theme was born and that was about Mother Earth.  Read On

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