These are figures that appear as characters in Lavender
 and the following statements are made within the context of the book.

Your masters will teach you the rudiments of the combined sciences. Through these lessons, you’ll gather scientific data with which to nurture your flowering tree, except that your study will out-distance any typical field study on Earth.

The accepted modality for sight up here is something we call convergent vision; that is the ability to merge the invisible with the visible − the past with the future – to integrate what you feel and what you sense with what you see.

Chemistry and physics connect the everyday world to the molecular world. Science is in everyday life. Whether someone is eating their breakfast or looking at plants or dreaming dreams, science can be linked to everything.

Refraction, the ‘bending’ of light, is due to a change in the speed of light as it passes from one medium to another. Our form of communication uses light as its transmission medium.

Your Higher Self or your doppelganger are one. Think of it as the overseer of the Soul that holds wisdom beyond the human limits of the Ego.

Our concept of Timelessness is  intended to teach you how to advance to higher levels of consciousness.

The power of higher thought and the orderliness of the universe does not rely upon time measurements to become whole.

All dimensions of time, whether beings are in physical form or spirit form, exist equally, within and around them as do all beings, planes of consciousness, and other dimensions. Thus, everything exists in the same moment.

The celestial clock and the dream clock, therefore, have something in common: they are both timeless and they both span space.

You can look at a calendar and get a date, but a calendar cannot impart to you the timelessness of the Universe which you’ve experienced on Mission Lavender.

You’ve discovered that the cosmic imprints of Timelessness and Consciousness are shared. That is, that dreaming and waking live in the same house, but in different parts, as do Heaven and Earth.

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