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Reading Lavender is a voyage into a range of our dreaming psyche that reaches beyond the mundane, calling attention to the corruption of our environment, which has gathered speed during the nuclear age. The author has done with the intrinsic honesty of dreams what Al Gore and others have done with hard scientific facts.

~ Montague Ullman, M.D.
Meister Eckhart used to say, "If you sense a need to pray a thank you is all you have to say." I finished Lavender early this morning and I want to say thank you for what you have done. Your gift to us is so unique - generosity of response, years of profound reflection, creative interpretations, scintillating dialogue, and incredible inspiration for us to become intensely intimate with our Mother and her dynamics.

~ Robert A. Keller, Ph.D.
This book is inspirational and boundary expanding with a major role in developing the emerging paradigms required for inner and outer ecological survival. It beautifully integrates diverse concepts on dreams and how they facilitate our connectivity throughout space-time and other dimensions.

~ Dale E. Graff, Physicist
This book offers a strong testimonial for the power of dreams to provide transformational experiences. The author explains how she learned to immerse herself in the tantalizing symbolic language of visual metaphors in order to understand their initial cloaked messages. Numerous examples of paranormal dreams and synchronistic events are interwoven into this unfolding narrative in a way that highlights our interpersonal connection to each other and to our family of other terrestrials.
~ Robert L. Van de Castle Ph D.,
Past President, International Association for the Study of Dreams (1985-86)
"I see your book is not just about conveying certain information from a higher level about the state of the earth. It seems also about evoking this higher consciousness in other people, so that we will start to feel and know this state of the earth inside ourselves (our greater bodies and reality) as our reality. If we knew that the elements of a great conflagration were brewing in our bodies, we might act to save ourselves."

~ Cecelia Blair
"Given the message of this book: all dreams are connected, this book really had a profound message for me. People share themes and changes in life. How Judy integrates multiple wisdoms and weaves them into the story: science, astronomy, spirituality reads like a thriller with more information about the plot on every page. If you want to engage in your world of dreams, this book will give you a profound knowledge of the treasures to be found there."

~ Drs Susanne van Doorn
Based on her dreams, Judy's warnings of what the earth's population is doing to our environment cannot be ignored. Sure, man has only been on this planet for a very small percentage of the earth's existence, but the amount of dangerous elements man has created and the rate at which we continue to create these dangers, leaves us wondering if it is too late. Hopefully, Judy's warnings will be heeded in time.

~ Bud Shapiro
You are such a good writer! What a mystic, what a researcher, what an accomplished human being! Monte must be beaming. I'm reading it as fast as possible. I'm really proud to know you. Even if you had only written down a few dreams and dated them, I would have been envious and amazed. This is beyond belief!

~ Dorothy Beach
What Judy Gardiner has experienced and written, is a reality of the multiple aspects of consciousness that are open to all of us in varying degrees if we ourselves are open. Led to snatch onto dreams she wanted to understand opened her to study scientifically-based research that yet again rolled into a greater challenge for more knowledge about what she was dreaming and its importance to share.

~ Rita Dwyer,
Past President, International Association for the Study of Dreams (1992-93)
Such hard work to squeeze a life of thought into the covers of a book, and You Did It.

~ Lois Farfel Stark
With Lavender, Judy Gardiner shares her profoundly refined understanding of the dream as a doorway to the secrets of nature. It is an odyssey into the soul of a protagonist who finds the key to dream interpretation. As we watch multiple dream symbols cohere into biological, geological and spiritual narratives, Lavender transmits the experience of self and world as participants in an indivisible unity. We have much to learn of the wisdom of the dream from this intricate work by a master dreamer.

~ Melanie Starr Costello, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst
A fascinating account of how precognitive dreams may extend beyond the fortunes of our own earthly selves, families or clans. I highly recommend this book to all those who appreciate dreaming as a source of hidden truths, formerly on a personal basis but now on a cosmic scale. Never has this knowledge been more important to our survival as a species.

~ Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., Director of the Rhine Research Center
Any reader who enjoys puzzles will love this book, both the text and the illustrations. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read and a challenging exercise in recognizing linkages and fitting the pieces together. It is a humorous, fanciful, and scintillating adventure peppered with learned guides from the past. It is an important cautionary tale about becoming better stewards of the Earth and its environment. Simply wonderful.

~ Gail Cato, CreateSpace Editor
As we awaken to the many levels of dreaming and our ability to pierce the veils of consensual reality while wide awake, we can find ourselves at home in a spacious NOW that Judy likes to call the "timelessness".

~ Robert Moss, Author and lecturer
A fresh brand of mystery and suspense, not whodunit but who sent it, marks Gardiner’s riveting tale of divinely inspired tutors helping shape the planet’s future - through each of us.

~ Mike Mayer, Manitou Project
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