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Cosmic Dreaming opens the portals to the integration of waking and dreaming consciousness. As an unfolding process that realizes the distinguishing features of one’s destiny, it addresses the long-term significance of dreams. The spatial whole of Cosmic Dreaming may be the greatest teaching machine known to man for it is capable of illuminating scientific observation in dreams, while it scans the cosmos for precognitive clues pointing to the future and retro-cognitive clues leading to events that happened long ago. It transports us from our inner to outer realities where we are observing two landscapes at once: a familiar personal world on earth and an unseen cosmic world.

Carl Gustav Jung, psychiatrist, and founder of analytical psychology, was known for the importance he placed on achieving harmony between the conscious and unconscious linking to his theory of the collective unconscious. Jung held that universal symbols and processes are shared by all of us referring to it as our “psychic inheritance,” the reservoir of our experiences as a species, a kind of knowledge we are all born with.

To Jung, circular imagery in dreams represented a completion, the ultimate wholeness, and the natural centering force within the psyche. He spoke of the circle in terms of the totality of the human psyche and the relationship with the whole of nature. The circularity found in Cosmic Dreaming illustrates how dream fragments connect to make one circle at a time, each widening to reflect the endless loop of time and consciousness. David Bohm, theoretical physicist set forth an implicate order as an order of wholeness that included all that exists in a state of interconnectedness. Montague Ullman, psychiatrist and pioneer in telepathy studies, theorized a relationship of dreaming to quantum theory drawing on Bohm’s Implicate Order. Ullman extended dreaming to a wider range of content than that of the collective unconscious. This, he called the universal unconscious linking us not only to ourselves but to all forms of matter.

As our planet’s survival is increasingly threatened, the physiology of the brain may be more susceptible to global dangers that surround us. Cosmic dreaming may be at an evolutionary turning point in the development of psychic capacities that respond to those threats. Its wide-angled dream lens traverses landscapes that expand our worldview and enables us to observe ourselves as both the “one” and the “all.” This awareness can engender the development of human potential and the knowledge that survival begins with self and transcends to the species.

In 1993, the dreams of Judy B. Gardiner began to overwhelm her with scientific information she’d have no way of knowing. Years of recording, analyzing and research produced the unbelievable tale of Lavender ~ An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit. This true-to-life account enfolds conscious and unconscious, waking and dreaming, faith and science in one seamless reality where we can believe and observe simultaneously.

In connecting the fragments of our dreams, we are connecting to our personal lives and to the timelessness of the universal unconscious. At this nexus, we can perceive both our smallness and our “wholeness” on the planet in the collective spirit of Carl G. Jung, David Bohm and Montague Ullman.

Lavender An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit


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An Entwined Adventure in Science and Spirit
by Judy B. Gardiner
Inspired by a True Story

Introduction by Montague Ullman, M.D.

LAVENDER engages the reader in unraveling the Cosmic Dream, the courier of a universal message. This unusual journey folds Dreams and Science into a symbolic alphabet, a metaphorical glue that binds this wondrous tale, unearthing a new kind of Alchemy written in new hieroglyphics. A prismatic mosaic of genres joining science, spirituality and the paranormal, LAVENDER proves the value of the dream as an untapped reservoir of innate knowledge seeded in our psyches.
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